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Diogo Morgado Programa Alta Definição-transcription for a fan

Alta defenição Part 1 Diogo Morgado Hi, my name is Diogo Morgado and im 29 years old!( he didn’t know the camera guy was recording and told him: are recording…you are being bad.)Then he coughs and tell the reporter..”take..that on your microphone”!!! Min 0.15..”so this is the part when someone starts recording and no one tell us nothing? So I will stay here..quiet and peaceful and I will pretend I don’t know you are recording!!! I don’t know what he says in minute 0.26 but then he says its to early for him(??) MIN 0.29 – he tells :Maybe im going to give you the man who`s cutting the grass!! Those pics are of Diogo as a Kid!! MIN 0.47 He says he likes to wake up early wich is kinda hard now coz his baby wakes him up sometimes,so sleeping become something precious as we can see on his face. He says the day he became a father was very confused and he tried not to create expectations..he was worried with the mother, with the baby..with the burocracy of papers..then he got worried coz he was trying to forget all those things so that he could enjoy the moment. His names Son is Santiago . He was asked if his life changed after that and he tells..No..It doesn’t only gets so much better! MIN 1.20 he says he likes older people coz they are wise and that he does not like presumptuous people! He likes breakfast/ dinner..likes to cook..he is known as Bacalhau com Natas( Portuguese food)..he doesn’t like to cook deserts so whoever goes to dinner at his house have to bring desert!He loves his family…adores his child, his wife.. Diogo was asked what he feels when he looks at his child…and he says that he wonders if he will make it?? ( In the meaning of education and raising Santiago)! He had the biggest Challenge of his career in the year his child was born..he is going to be one of the main actors in a Movie Called, Mary mother of Christ!!All Pacino and Peter O`Tolle will also be in the movie !Its going to be in Marrocos( I think now they changed to Jordania) in the beginning of 2010.He will be José! The Producers says that he is amazing! At MIN 2.21 he tells that talking about himself is very weird..he doesn’t like Clichés and Negative people, fake people but….he can forgive a lie because he thinks that we can lie for love. He likes to be proactive/ he doesn’t like waiver and people that give up!!..he really cannot understand and its hard for him as a friend to deal with people that give up on things! AT MIN 3.00 he says that when he knew he got the character for that movie he was very first he really doubt that…and he was that Possible???Then he tried to calm down coz he knows its an important role … now he is more relaxed and hope he makes a good performance... The host tell him that when he talked with other actors their dream was to shake hand/ meet and perform with him Al Pacino…and tell Diogo that now he has that possibility! The host ask him how he feels and he just says he think that…the truth is that him and Al Pacino will be actors trying to do their best! Its Obvious that he will never compare himself with Al Pacino because he his a huge actor but he doesn’t feel like this is the landing of his ca reer just happened that way! He is very Thankfull that this happened and he is going to try to enjoy the moment! He said he is a Portuguese actor that love what he does..that love his country and he loves being a actor here so he will try to be..just him..Diogo! He says its amazing and a unique sensation to have a Role with those actors but ..nothing can compares to the fact he was a father.I think what he tries to say and I cannot translate word to word is that he will remain Humble. What he really loves in his profession is that he learns all the time. AT Min 4.42…he loves football even tough he doesn’t real understand but he does not stop what he is doing for a game! He loves to read books that stimulate his mind, he likes the power and the sound of the words. Sometimes in his life he likes to bet on something and sometimes he does that too books but sometimes if he doesn’t like the book…he just don’t finish reading. tHe just say that he wont read what he doesn’t like! At MIN 5.16…he makes funny faces coz the weather is getting warm The host tells that Al Pacino Thinks that the actor is a Emotional Athlet and he says that all we need is to look to the life that surround us and…activate when is necessary( sorry I couldn’t translate this word by word). When he is not working he is…stupidity humble!!! He really likes balance and he is fascinated with people and some that apparently don’t seem to be interesting & that sometimes are arrogant or snobs fascinate him coz he tried to understand them! The Teachers that he mostly loved were the worst. People that are too nice, friendly sweet.. he take more times to like them then the others who are more arrogant and severe .Maybe these last ones are more Authentic and you know what you see its what you get. But he doesn’t like bad people who try to hurt others being mangy(petty)!! He loves Privacy!! He gets overwhelmed with the most simple things like a old lady who tried to sell him once a fruit called fig coz she needed the money. It touches his heart more then to see people at the Metro begging for money.This Ladie is an exemple of people that never give up and it really touches is heart. He diddnt imagine him acting at first( he was a model and some of you might not know) but now he just can escape that coz its really what he loves to do..Telling stories, ear and feel those stories .if he ever Stop being a actor becoz people don’t like him anymore he will always be connected with acting..writting, producing…he always did things like it was the last thing he did..thats why he always tried to learn as much as possible…he will never think he knows everything..we can always learn something new. Sometimes he accept things that he is not quite sure..but this way he will never regret of not doing things…so…its very simple. His parents didn’t want him to be an actor at the time coz they were afraid he could get “ hurt” and at the time he started this as a stubborn. He speaks proudly of his father like someone who protects the family and try to make everything so that they have all they need. The Artistic side come of his mother…she used to make puppets out of toilet paper( so cute) At the ends he says he like the smell of the grass, of his son, the ocean..refreshing drinks..he loves to eat but he hates Canja( it’s a soup with chicken) becoz he tells its water with noodles!! This is only the first part!! For DuduTheFlapper..hope you understand!

domingo, 4 de abril de 2010

Páscoa Feliz e Divertida

Bem..pela primeira vez em 10 anos fui passar a Páscoa a casa da mamã!!!É claro que como não podia deixar de ser,lá fomos dar uma espreitadela aos albuns antigos!! Omg!! O que eu me ri!! Meu deus...a minha infância foi muito feliz mas talvez um pouco prolongada..NÃO SEI..digo eu!! Apercebi me que aos 17 anos ainda tinha fotos do jordan...NO MEU QUARTO!!! É VERDADE...ou seja..a minha crush durou algo mais do que eu pensava!Era linda eu não era??!!! Nao sei..nao me lembro de ser cheínha..mas nessa foto pareço algo...GRANDE!! Bem..fotos muito engraçadas que para já nao vou postar aki mas que foram suficientes para reviver o passado!!Deixa o nosso coração..cheio de Alegria!! Quando cheguei a casa...o meu sorriso era este!! Isto é que é sorrir com a ALMA!!! Foi um excelente dia!! É claro que um dos temas de conversa é o meu passado com os nkotb...Não dá pra fugir!!!