sexta-feira, 12 de junho de 2009

Jordan Knight thanks for the dream!

Escrevi isto no ning...não vou publicar em Portugues senão não faço mais nada hoje:-)" i nkow that we shouldnt duplicate threads but i want to writte what my experiebce about Jordan Knight Chicago contest so..i will duplicate this one sure! I was thinking on writting this o last monday but i had a feeling that i should wait until he contest was over! maybe i was afraind that someone might tought that i was tryng to get some "points " to me! I wrote this on a friends page so i will copy paste and add a few notes! This picture is very special to me cause i sent to Jordan Knight and..he posted the picture of the Portuguese Chicks as he called us!PhotobucketThe support of the fans were really sweet and here is the link if you wanna see .Tha day i saw that he posted it i was at work! When i saw it..i was 10 minutes shaking ..yeah...i dropped some tears of course! I called my Portuguese chicks to and we all feelt in HEAVEN .So...what i wanted to writte was this "Even if i dont win..this contest already made me so happy cause he saw my pic & i found amazing girls that also share this love with me..and i never tought that one day we could "speak" with him or any of the guys! So this contest already brought so much happines in my life that i do feel like a winner and wont be disappointed at all! And i do feel soo happy that they are back...CAN THIS BE EVEN BETTER!? i will later do a i think is not a good idea ..after we know who the winner is..right? " So this is what i wrote in my friends page and im so glad i did it cause i still feel the same way and i think that all the Blockheads that participated on the contest feel the same way..right! So..MILLION THANKS TO NKOTB for bringing so much happines in my life and ((((((((HUGGGG)))))) To Jordan Knight for making Blockheads even more bounded cause thats what i feelt. Sorry for my English but im a Portuguese Chick! Susana Ps...can we ask now for an Australian and Brasil Contest?! Hummmm...are we asking too much?!!! O que posso dizer é que ia morrendo quando vi que ele viu a foto que enviei!!Ja gora queri aproveitar para dizer que ADORO O TWITTER!